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Thursday, March 01, 2007

March 2007 Events

EVERY WEEKEND - Weekend Dog Blogging is by Sweetnicks - get info here. Weekend Herb Blogging hosted by Kalyn's Kitchen. And when food bloggers need a bit of escapism, there's Weekend Baby Blogging. Your bases are definitely covered.

WEEKLY - Presto Pasta Night. Channel your inner comfort food muse and join in the new, fun weekly event. Hosted by Ruth at Once Upon A Feast, complete details to participate can be found right here.

WEEKLY - ARF/5-A-Day. Hosted by Cate at Sweetnicks every Tuesday night. Have you recently made a recipe with fruit and/or vegetables? Then this is perfect for you. Come on and join in the fun - complete details are right here.

ONGOING - World Bread Day - After Hours Party. For those that missed out on the recent 113-entry roundup for World Bread Day, this is your chance to join in the fun. Complete details can be found here.

MONTHLY - Weekend Breakfast Blogging. Saffron Trail hosts this event. Complete rundown is here.

MONTHLY - Cooking with Tea Contest sponsored by Tea Chef. Experiment with different ideas to develop the best recipe with that tea, then send it in with a picture. Every month new recipes are posted for community voting (look for the "Vote for this Recipe" links). The highest-ranked recipe will win a fabulous tea-related reward and the acclaim of the community!

MONTHLY - Carnival of Dining Out. Come celebrate your favorite place to eat in this new monthly event. Entries are due by the end of the month, and complete information can be found here.

MONTHLY - POTATOES ... How do you find them? Great? OK? Routine? Boring?
In any which case, just cook up something with this universal tuber, take pictures, and publish them along with the recipe & a write-up on your blog on the 1st of March. That would be your entry to the March edition of Jihva for Ingredients hosted by Vaishali on my blog Happy Burp. Wanna go for it?

NOW UNTIL MARCH 5th - Muffin Monday. This new event comes to us by way of Experiments and is going to bring out your baking prowess. Complete details can be found here.

NOW UNTIL MARCH 15th - Monthly Mingle #8. This go around, the theme is Savory Cakes. Take out your loaf pans and beat up a batter. Replace sugar with salt, chocolate chips with bacon, fruit with cheese, whatever you go for it has to be savory and a cake. Be creative, be bold, try something new and bring it along to the Monthly Mingle - Savory Cakes.

NOW UNTIL MARCH 18th - Peeking Behind Closed Doors. Throw open your cupboards and show us what's inside. Lydia from Kitchen Exhibitionist is hosting this new event. All the deets are right here.

NOW UNTIL MARCH 18 - Food Destinations #5: Where Everybody Knows Your Name. This month, it will be hosted by From Our Kitchen. For this round of Food Destinations, everyone should write about the restaurant, bakery, market, etc. that you return to all the time. That place you visit so often that everyone there knows your name and maybe more about you than your own family. And you cannot bear to even think about closing.

NOW UNTIL MARCH 23rd - This Nostalgia Tastes Bittersweet, a one-off event hosted by the Kitchen Wench. Take a trip down memory lane and make a recipe that evokes a sense of nostalgia for you, and share the story of what memory ties itself to this particular food. Whether it’s a seemingly small event or something that was life-changing, there are no limits on what sort of memory or recipe is required for this event - just so long as it is something from your past. Complete details can be found here.

NOW UNTIL MARCH 25th - Weekend Breakfast Blogging #9 'Eggstra-Ordinary Breakfast' at 'Live To Eat'. How do you like your eggs? Inviting all the food bloggers to come up with a brunch/breakfast recipe with Eggs as the main ingredient, looking for a twist on a classic, or a brand new recipe. You can use any types of eggs. Full details are here.

NOW UNTIL MARCH 26 - Sugar High Friday (SHF) #29 - Raw Chocolate. This go 'round, this favorite blog event is being hosted by Chocolate in Context and the theme is Raw Chocolate. "simply prepare and write about a recipe using an unrefined cacao product, such as cacao beans, cacao nibs, cocoa butter, or cocoa powder (preferably untreated). Those of you with access to the Theobroma cacao tree at its source are also invited to devise recipes using the fresh seeds and pulp of the legendary cacao pod." Complete information is right here.

NOW UNTIL MARCH 28th - Waiter, There's Something in My ... Easter Basket. This third installment of a new, popular event celebrates the upcoming holiday. "We want you to share with us and the wider food blogging community anything that yells "Easter!" at you, be it that honey-glazed ham or herb-crusted spring lamb that is traditionally made in your neck of the woods, a gorgeous chocolate torte that you've tucked into every year since you can remember, your granny's famous hot cross buns or a brioche loaf sprinkled with rock sugar... And the beauty is that it doesn't even have to be traditional, either, so this is a great opportunity to try out what you're planning to spoil the family with over the first weekend in April!" Complete information is right here.

NOW UNTIL APRIL 2nd -- Food Fight with Eggs! Whip up your favorite custard, quiche, or other egg-based dish. Food Fight is hosted monthly by Eating Out Loud (http://www.eatingoutloud.com) - each month a different theme or concept. Join the fun and find complete submission details here.

NOW UNTIL APRIL 7th - Centerpiece of the Month hosted by Talk of Tomatoes. Each month, centerpieces from around the blogosphere find their way to talkoftomatoes and are posted on the 7th of the following month. COTM is my blogs way of saying: let’s generate a pile of possibilities for mood-setting, table-gracing, stage-grabbing centerpieces. Not just from my singular humble mind, but from the minds and hearts of foodies all over. What is your best idea this month? How did you make your create artful ambiance and/or give your table more presence? What inspired your centerpiece?

1. Send entry to my email janelle@talkoftomatoes.com. (Subject title: COTM)
. Include photo or flickr URL and blog post URL if applicable (should be posted or photoed during ‘the month’). (If no blog post goes with photo, link referral will be to your home page).
2. Include your name and your Blog URL/Title

NOW UNTIL APRIL 9th - Cooking to Combat Cancer. Mele Cotte is hosting this new event, and now you can cook for a good cause. "One way we can help reduce the risk of developing the disease is by making healthy lifestyle choices. Since this is a food blog, I am going with…eating well. There are many foods out there are can help our bodies fight the illness. And with those foods come recipes….so bring it on!" Interested in joining in the fun? Complete details are right here.

NEW!! NOW UNTIL APRIL 9th - Weekend Cookbook Challenge #15. This round celebrate all things Spring and/or Easter related. Want to join in the fun? Complete details are right here.

NEW!! NOW UNTIL APRIL 9th - Easter Cake Bake. This new event is brought to you by A Slice of Cherry Pie. "Easter is coming up so I thought it would be fun for us all to get baking and see what fabulous Easter themed cakes we can make in our kitchens. All you need to do is bake a cake with an Easter theme then post about it on your blog, including a link to this post so that people know what the event is about and where it came from. Feel free to use the logo too, which you'll find on my blog. All the info you need is right here.

NEW!! NOW UNTIL APRIL 11th - Monthly Mingle #8. This monthly event is back and this round, the theme is the very creative Arabian nights. Go on and join in the fun -- you can get all the details here.

NEW!! NOW UNTIL APRIL 20th - Show Us Your Lunchbox. The Daily Tiffin is hosting a new event, and if you get creative when packing your lunchbox (or your kids), then this is just the place of you. All the details are right here.