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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

April 2008: Food and Drink Blog Events

EVERY WEEKEND - Weekend Herb Blogging hosted by Kalyn's Kitchen.

WEEKLY - BOOKMARKED RECIPES. Anyone from anywhere can blog about a recipe they had bookmarked from a cook book, food magazine, food blog, food website, from TV etc, make it and submit it to a weekly roundup every Monday. More details found on Ruth's Kitchen Experiments.

WEEKLY - MADE IN AMERICA/LA BUONA CUCINA AMERICANA. Every week one of our circle of expatriate bloggers will post a recipe for old fashioned American food in both English and Italian, in both US measurements and metric. Anyone who can do this is welcome to join up! All the details are here.

WEEKLY - ROOT SOURCE CHALLENGE - From cookthink.com - Every week we propose a new ingredient for our root source newsletter, and make a call out for the best recipes using that ingredient. The winner has their recipe published on the site and our blog, as well as featured in our newsletter. They also receive a cookbook! For rules and current topics, please click here.

WEEKLY - TUESDAYS WITH DORIE. A group who celebrate Dorie Greenspan's brilliant book, Baking: From My Home to Yours, one recipe at a time. If you would like to bake your way through this book, please stop here for more details.

WEEKLY - Presto Pasta Night. Channel your inner comfort food muse and join in the new, fun weekly event. Hosted by Ruth at Once Upon A Feast, complete details to participate can be found right here.
WEEKLY - ARF/5-A-Day. Hosted by Cate at Sweetnicks every Tuesday night. Have you recently made a recipe with fruit and/or vegetables? Then this is perfect for you. Come on and join in the fun - complete details are right here.

ONGOING - World Bread Day - After Hours Party. For those that missed out on the recent 113-entry roundup for World Bread Day, this is your chance to join in the fun. Complete details can be found here.

MONTHLY - CLICK: the photo event. Check out the theme of the month and rules @ Jugalbandi here. Deadline: 30th of the month.

MONTHLY - TRIED AND TASTED (T&T) – a monthly event of appreciation of other blogs - an opportunity to thank your fellow bloggers for sharing their recipes by re-creating them. Peek into their kitchen to see what’s cooking and go for it! Take it,make it and say it! Each month, one of YOU will be Tried and Tasted and after the final verdict given this lovely stamp to prove that your recipes ARE worth it! Read more about the event here.

MONTHLY - JIHVA FOR INGREDIENTS - Celebrating exotic ingredients, one at a time. For complete details, please click here.

MONTHLY - FOOD ART - From Mahanandi. Theme-based event dedicated to Food drawings and crafts. The theme for spring is "Mango Manthram". For details, please click here.

MONTHLY MEET AND MINGLE. Deadline is May 5, and the theme is Bollywood Cooking. Complete details can be found here.

MONTHLY - TASTY TOOLS! The theme of this event is creating recipes using a specific tool. For April, recipes using ice cream scoops and portion scoops are being featured. Hosted by Joelen of Joelen's Culinary Adventures. Details here.

MONTHLY - NO CROUTONS REQUIRED In anticipation of Spring, we would like participants to submit a soup or a salad featuring mushrooms of any variety. Though mushrooms are probably the meatiest of vegetarian fare, we do ask that you stick to the vegetarian theme, meaning no meat, poultry or seafood. The winner of the challenge will recieve a gorgeous badge for their blog. Details of this month's challenge are here.

MONTHLY - SNACKSHOTS #3: Muffins hosted by Greedy Gourmet. Take a photo of anything muffin. You don't need to bake it necessarily, just buy your favourite muffin and show it to the world! For more info, click here. Deadline: 6 May 2007.

MONTHLY - THINK SPICE...THINK CLOVES! This month, the "Think Spice" event from Sunita's World is guest hosted by Gretchen at Canela & Comino and the featured spice for April is CLOVE. How do you use cloves in your home? What are you favorite foods that have cloves in them? Make or bake something that features cloves and submit it on or before April 25th. For complete details, read this!

MONTHLY - MEAT & GREET. This is a new event focusing on, what else? Meat. The theme ingredient for March is offal. No other strictures -- it can be from any animal and can be any variety meat. Tongue, heart, kidneys, livers -- even spleens if you are so inclined. Let's see what you can whip up. Winner this month wins a coveted copy of Richard Olney's "Variety Meats." Hosted by Hank of Hunter Angler Gardener Cook. Details here.

MONTHLY - MASTER BAKER. Bake what you want. Every month we will choose an ingredient of the month and you're job is to bake whatever your little heart desires with our ingredient of the month. For more info, click here.

MONTHLY - WEEKEND BREAKFAST BLOGGING. Saffron Trail hosts this event. Complete rundown is here.

MONTHLY - Cooking with Tea Contest sponsored by Tea Chef. Experiment with different ideas to develop the best recipe with that tea, then send it in with a picture. Every month new recipes are posted for community voting (look for the "Vote for this Recipe" links). The highest-ranked recipe will win a fabulous tea-related reward and the acclaim of the community!

MONTHLY - CARNIVAL OF DINING OUT. Come celebrate your favorite place to eat in this new monthly event. Entries are due by the end of the month, and complete information can be found here.

MONTHLY - FOOD BLOGGY PETS OF THE MONTH. Peanut Butter Etouffe is doing a monthly round-up featuring all your pets. Come join in the fun - all the details are right here.

ANNUAL - EAT LIKE A PIRATE DAY. September 19th is the first annual Eat Like a Pirate Day! If you are going to talk like a pirate, you should eat like one too! Whether it's parrot a'la orange or seaweed-wrapped seaweed, swash your buckle on over and share. More details soon. Contact kitchenMage(at)gmail(dot)com.

NOW UNTIL APRIL 1st - THEY GO REALLY WELL TOGETHER #10. Complete details can be found here.

NOW UNTIL APRIL 1st - BREADBAKINGDAY #08: CELEBRATE! Hosted by Wild Yeast. What holiday, festival, or special event are you celebrating this month? As one of the oldest and most universal of foods, bread is associated with celebrations in every part of the world. For this month’s BreadBakingDay, you are invited to share your own spring holiday bread tradition, explore one you’re not yet familiar with, or start a new one. Details on how to participate can be found here.

NOW UNTIL APRIL 7th - ONE PERFECT INGREDIENT. Complete details are here. Basically, the bloggers are invited to blog about their favourite ingredient and post a recipe featuring it. 5 lucky winners get Marcus Wareing's new book. Unfortunately, due to DK posting restrictions, the books can only be sent to UK and European addresses.

NOW UNTIL APRIL 7th - MONTHLY MINGLE. The theme this round is Spring Fruit Sensations and complete details can be found here and here.

APRIL 11TH THROUGH THE 25TH. GO AHEAD HONEY, IT'S GLUTEN-FREE is hosted by Gluten A Go Go. Read what GAHIGF is all about here. Send Sheltie Girl your permalink information to be included in the round up.

NOW UNTIL APRIL 15TH - DOSA MELA ~ PANCAKE CELEBRATIONS! This is an one off event to celebrate Dosa and its different varieties. The dosa is a South Indian crêpe. This food is a typical South Indian breakfast recipe. Regular dosa batter is made from rice and split, skinned urad bean blended with water and left to ferment overnight. Dosa refers to anything that's spread like a regular dosa. It can be thick like Uthappam or thin like a paper roast. It can be made with rice, wheat or any of the different flour you can think of. With stuffed or mixed or topped with anything. Post can also be on Dosa Trivia or other Dosa related things. If you are not familier with dosa, you can send a pancake too. Pancakes are a type of flatbread prepared from a sweet batter that is cooked on a hot griddle or in a frying pan. Complete details can be found here.

NOW UNTIL APRIL 18th - A NEB AT NUT ROAST. I want to spread the word about the delicious virtues of nut roasts. Nut roasts have a bad reputation but when done well are heaven on a plate. Nut roasts are savoury baked loaves with nuts that are loved by vegetarians and omnivores alike - but it seems not many people have tried them. At my blog (Green Gourmet Giraffe) I have written about the joys of nutroasts and given advice on making them. I invite you you to make a nut roast - complete details here.

NOW UNTIL APRIL 19th - LiveSTRONG WITH A TASTE OF YELLOW. This popular event from last year is back! Complete details can be found here.

NOW UNTIL APRIL 21st - SUGAR HIGH FRIDAY. This time, the theme is Asian Sweet Invasion and the complete details can be found right here.

NOW UNTIL APRIL 21st HAY HAY IT'S DONNA DAY #19. The Clafoutis Edition hosted by Bron Marshall. Full details can be found here.

NOW UNTIL APRIL 30th - WAITER, THERE'S SOMETHING IN MY ... The theme is breakfast favourites, savoury, sweet, hot, cold – anything but marmite on toast, basically! All the details can be found right here.

NOW UNTIL APRIL 30th- LEFTOVER TUESDAYS #13. Leftovers got you down? How about converting those leftovers into something new and intriguing? That’s what the Leftover Tuesdays event is all about. Project Foodie is hosting Leftover Tuesdays #13 where we challenge you to transform those leftovers into tasty temptations. The leftovers can be the remnants of a previous meal (either home cooked or bought) but they can also be the unused portions of the various components you've used to create recent (or not so recent) meals. Basically, leftovers are anything in your fridge, pantry or freezer for which you have no intended purpose and need/want to use up! Get all the details here.

NOW UNTIL APRIL 30TH - COOKING IN MICROWAVE. Cooking in Microwave has always been a big challenge, atleast for most of us. Most I have done has been to bake a cake or just use it for for reheating. So this event is a learning experience for many to target on specific theme each month and cook up in microwave. So calling all food bloggers to send in their dish which will be part of "Microwave Easy Cooking". Details can be found here. Dish can be of any cuisine.

NOW UNTIL MAY 5th - DOLLAR DISH DUEL. Hosted by Just Get Floury, Ginny challenges everyone to make a dish for $5 that must feed at least 2 people. So hit up a dollar store or be creative with what you can find at your local grocery store. Find more details here.

NOW UNTIL MAY 21st - PUTTING UP. 'Putting Up' Event is a new event hosted by myself, Pixie, at You Say Tomahto, I say Tomayto and Rosie, from Rosie Bakes a Peace of Cake. The event focuses on preserving fruits and vegetables. We're asking you to share your Jams and Conserves, Jellies, Marmalade, Curds and Butters, Chutneys, Pickles, Relishes and Preserves. Your welcome to create a dish around your preserve, however the focus is on the preserve itself and we really want to see that JAR! More details can be found HERE. Hope you can join us!

NEW!!! NOW UNTIL MAY 25th - VEGETABLE, BEAUTIFUL VEGETABLES. May 19-25 is national vegetarian week in the uk and, as happened last year, abby from eat the right stuff is hosting “vegetables, beautiful vegetables,” an annual event where food bloggers around the world are invited to show off their skills at creating fantastic vegetarian dishes. to participate tell abby about a vegetarian dish that you have cooked, complete with recipe. or maybe review a favourite vegetarian restaurant. or take a photo of your weekly vegetable purchases and tell abby what you plan to do with them. Due by May 25th. Complete details can be found here.

NEW!!! NOW UNTIL MAY 31st - AVF #3: A Vegetarian Feast in a Quiche. For the third Vegetarian Feast, we're posting about a meatless savoury tart, quiche, or pastry (or something along those lines). Pick your favourite recipe with no meat, fish or poultry and take at least one photo. Dairy is allowed but vegan recipes are welcomed. Your blog doesn't have to be vegetarian, just your recipe! Check out Shortcut to Mushrooms for more information.

NOW UNTIL 31st MAY - MAD FOR MACARONS IN MAY. Hosted by Minko of Couture Cupcakes. During the month of May I am going to be trying my hand at macarons. What is a macaron? A macaron is a traditional French pastry traditionally made from egg whites, almond powder (flour, ground almonds) icing sugar and sugar sandwiched together with a buttercream or ganache or even a jam filling. The cookie should have a foot and a thin but crisp shell, but when you eat it, it melts in your mouth. There should be a good ratio of cookie to filling and not be too sweet.]Sound daunting? Don't worry, macarons are an obsession and there are a lot of web sites that provide advice and even pictures on how to make the perfect macaron step by step. Get the details here.

NOW UNTIL MAY 31st - BEAUTIFUL BONES. Help promote bone health during the month of May which is National Osteoporosis Awareness Month. Just post a calcium-rich recipe any time between May 1-May 31st, then send it to Susan of Food Blogga. Check out the details here.



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