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Saturday, December 01, 2007

December 2007 Food Blog Events

EVERY WEEKEND - Weekend Herb Blogging hosted by Kalyn's Kitchen.

WEEKLY - Presto Pasta Night. Channel your inner comfort food muse and join in the new, fun weekly event. Hosted by Ruth at Once Upon A Feast, complete details to participate can be found right here.

WEEKLY - ARF/5-A-Day. Hosted by Cate at Sweetnicks every Tuesday night. Have you recently made a recipe with fruit and/or vegetables? Then this is perfect for you. Come on and join in the fun - complete details are right here.

ONGOING - World Bread Day - After Hours Party. For those that missed out on the recent 113-entry roundup for World Bread Day, this is your chance to join in the fun. Complete details can be found here.

MONTHLY - Weekend Breakfast Blogging. Saffron Trail hosts this event. Complete rundown is here.

MONTHLY - Cooking with Tea Contest sponsored by Tea Chef. Experiment with different ideas to develop the best recipe with that tea, then send it in with a picture. Every month new recipes are posted for community voting (look for the "Vote for this Recipe" links). The highest-ranked recipe will win a fabulous tea-related reward and the acclaim of the community!

MONTHLY - Carnival of Dining Out. Come celebrate your favorite place to eat in this new monthly event. Entries are due by the end of the month, and complete information can be found here.

MONTHLY - APPLES & THYME. Apples & Thyme is a celebration of time spent in the kitchen with our mothers and grandmothers (or anyone else you wish to blog about) and what they did or did not pass on to us that influenced how we cook and eat today. We would love you to enter and share with us a person and a dish that celebrates your relationship with them. Complete details can be found here.

MONTHLY - FOOD BLOGGY PETS OF THE MONTH. Peanut Butter Etouffe is doing a monthly round-up featuring all your pets. Come join in the fun - all the details are right here.

MONTHLY - GARDEN-COOK-EVENT. This is a monthly food blog event, although the theme will change each time. For November, the theme is Sunchoke (Jerusalem Artichoke). The English version can be found here, and the German version right here.

MONTHLY - GROW YOUR OWN celebrates the foods that we grow ourselves and the dishes we make using our homegrown products. Make a dish that uses at least one item from your very own garden (indoor, outdoor, urban, whatever) and post about it. If you don't have a garden, you can use something that was gifted to you, but the giver must have personally grown the item. Posts due on December 29 and the round-up will be posted on January 2. Check out the full details here.

MONTHLY - Cooking in Microwave has always been a big challenge, at least for most of us. Most I have done has been to bake a cake or just use it for for reheating. So this event is a learning experience for many to target on specific theme each month and cook up in microwave. So calling all food bloggers to send in their dish which will be part of "Microwave Easy Cooking". Details can be found here. Dish can be of any cuisine.

MONTHLY - HOMEGROWN GOURMET #4: Participants must make a stew/casserole that somehow represents their home region - town, state, area. Representation can feature a local ingredient, be a traditional dish from your area, or be a creative twist. Deadline 31 December. More info can be found here.

NEW!!! ANNUAL - A Taste of Terroir. Between now and January 21, 2008, create and post an entry on your blog which highlights a food or drink, or food/drink product, or recipe which highlights terroir in your location which you can write about with a personal perspective including a photo. Describe how it relates to your locale. Full details are here.

NOW UNTIL DECEMBER 1st - A SPOONFUL OF CHRISTMAS, dedicated to Food Gift Ideas. A Spoonful of Christmas is an event designed for all the people who love to cook for their loved ones; those who are willing to spend some time in the kitchen in order to come up with great ideas for food as a gift. In order to participate, please post an entry with a recipe for food that can be wrapped and given away as a gift - such as Chutneys, pickles and other relishes; Jams and marmalades, Home-made wines or liquors; Flavored vinegars or oils; Herb and spice mixtures; Chili sauces and other condiments; Curry powders or masalas … and many more. Complete details can be found here.

NOW UNTIL DECEMBER 7th - ADOPT A FOOD BLOGGER. We all can remember what it was like starting out in the world of food blogging. This is your chance to share your expertise as a "veteran" food blogger and take a "newbie" under your wings. Sign up to adopt a blogger or to be adopted by Friday, December 7th. Complete details can be found at http://dineanddish.squarespace.com.

NOW UNTIL DECEMBER 9th - FESTIVAL FOOD FAIR. It’s that time of year again when we’re busy preparing feasts for Diwali, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa & Christmas, etc. Just like we did in 2006, the Festive Food Fair is an opportunity to share special food/drinks from around the globe. And who knows, maybe your dish will be enjoyed by a family on the other side of the world! Blog about your "feasting food" any time from now until Sun 9 Dec and share it with the global foodie community. We had 67 entries last year, let's see what 2007 brings. More info on how to participate can be found right here.

NOW UNTIL DECEMBER 17th - A RECIPE FROM THE CREASE OF MY RIGHT EYE. This event is a celebration of Catherynne M. Valente's The Orphan's Tales. To participate, all you have to do is post a recipe inspired by the books. This includes any recipe involving things that are layered or things that are stuffed (which echo the structure of the stories), as well as things that are otherwise inspired by the books. This event comes with a prize. The author of the best recipe will receive a copy of both Orphan's Tales books. If the winner already has them, he or she will receive a copy of two of Cat's other books. For details, go here.

NOW UNTIL DECEMBER 18th - GINGERBREAD HOUSE EVENT. One of my favorite things about the holidays is the gingerbread house. If you enjoy it too, then show us what you can do and make one! It can be from scratch or from a kit, just be sure to use your imagination! The deadline for entries is Tuesday, December 18. A full “neighborhood” roundup will be posted on Friday, December 21. Happy holidays and happy house decorating! To be included in the roundup post a photo of your gingerbread house (either on your blog or photostream) and send the following info to yumsugar@gmail.com

- Name you want me to use & city (so I can give credit)
- Your blog name
- Link to your post
- A photo of your gingerbread house - preferably 200px wide

Full details are available here: http://yumsugar.com/824036.

NOW UNTIL DECEMBER 21 - NOVEL FOOD #2. The culinary/literary event Lisa of Champaign Taste and Simona of briciole co-host is back for the winter season. We would like to continue on the same path of finding culinary inspiration in literary works. Read more about the event here or here.

NOW UNTIL DECEMBER 22 - GRINDLESS GARVIES. There are days when you want a thick, refreshing gravy but not the bother of grinding much of the stuff that goes into it, not to mention having to wash the food processor later. Grindless Gravies aims to be a collection of recipes that can be made without a grinder/mixer/blender. The deadline is December 22, 2007. Details can be found here.

NOW UNTIL DECEMBER 24 — EAT CHRISTMAS COOKIES. The sky is grey, it’s 68 degrees F, and it’s drizzling. It must be Christmas time in San Diego. This is about as Christmas-y as things are gonna get around here. So please help me get in the Christmas mood by baking and eating cookies. Post about a Christmas cookie between now and Monday, December 24, 2007 and send them to Food Blogga. Please try to send them by Monday, December 17th so others will have a chance to make your recipe before Christmas. Rather than having a final round-up, I will post submissions as I receive them. For complete details, click here.

NOW UNTIL DECEMBER 25th - MINI PIE REVOLUTION! Maybe you've always preferred pie to cake. Maybe you like tiny things. Maybe you feel, in your gut, that the cupcake's so last year. Well now it's time to preheat your ovens, fill your cupcake tins with mini pies, and aim your cameras at the delicious results. Complete details can be found here.

NOW UNTIL DECEMBER 30th - CLICK. A theme-based event dedicated to food photography. The theme for December 2007 is 'Nuts.' For details, go here.

NOW UNTIL DECEMBER 30 - BEST OF 2007. Browse through your blog archives, think of the year that just flew by and write your own Best of 2007 post highlighting the very best that your blog had to offer this year. It could be your favorite recipes of the year, new techniques/ingredients/gadgets that you discovered this year, or anything at all that you feel was your favorite this year. The deadline is December 30, 2007. Details can be found here.

NOW UNTIL JANUARY 1 - BREAD BAKING DAY #5. Hosted by Chelsea of Rolling in Dough, the theme is Filled Breads. Mix up any bread you like, white or wheat, roll it out, fill it with something inspiring, roll it up and bake it. It can be fruit, cheese, salsa, sauce, spices, veggies, candy - whatever you are in the mood for. Rolls, calzones and meat pies all count as filled breads and if you have a filled bread that is a tradition where you live, we'd love to read about it. Simply bake your lovely filled bread creation, take some pictures, write about it and post between now and January 1. Please include a link to Rolling in Dough in your post and send me an email at chelsea@tresbonvivant.com, including the permalink to your post, a picture if you have one and your name and general location. I'll have the collection of wonderful breads up by January 5.

NOW UNTIL JANUARY 7th- MONTHLY MINGLE. Theme is Drop In & Decorate. Complete details can be found here.