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Monday, October 01, 2007

October 2007 Food Blog Events

EVERY WEEKEND - Weekend Herb Blogging hosted by Kalyn's Kitchen.

WEEKLY - Presto Pasta Night. Channel your inner comfort food muse and join in the new, fun weekly event. Hosted by Ruth at Once Upon A Feast, complete details to participate can be found right here.

WEEKLY - ARF/5-A-Day. Hosted by Cate at Sweetnicks every Tuesday night. Have you recently made a recipe with fruit and/or vegetables? Then this is perfect for you. Come on and join in the fun - complete details are right here.

ONGOING - World Bread Day - After Hours Party. For those that missed out on the recent 113-entry roundup for World Bread Day, this is your chance to join in the fun. Complete details can be found here.

MONTHLY - Weekend Breakfast Blogging. Saffron Trail hosts this event. Complete rundown is here.

MONTHLY - Cooking with Tea Contest sponsored by Tea Chef. Experiment with different ideas to develop the best recipe with that tea, then send it in with a picture. Every month new recipes are posted for community voting (look for the "Vote for this Recipe" links). The highest-ranked recipe will win a fabulous tea-related reward and the acclaim of the community!

MONTHLY - Carnival of Dining Out. Come celebrate your favorite place to eat in this new monthly event. Entries are due by the end of the month, and complete information can be found here.

MONTHLY - POTATOES ... How do you find them? Great? OK? Routine? Boring?
In any which case, just cook up something with this universal tuber, take pictures, and publish them along with the recipe & a write-up on your blog on the 1st of March. That would be your entry to the March edition of Jihva for Ingredients hosted by Vaishali on my blog Happy Burp. Wanna go for it?

MONTHLY - FOOD BLOGGY PETS OF THE MONTH. Peanut Butter Etouffe is doing a monthly round-up featuring all your pets. Come join in the fun - all the details are right here.

MONTHLY - GARDEN-COOK-EVENT. This is a monthly food blog event, although the theme will change each time. This month, the theme is Cranberries. The English version can be found here, and the German version right here.

MONTHLY - GROW YOUR OWN celebrates the foods that we grow ourselves and the dishes we make using our homegrown products. Make a dish that uses at least one item from your very own garden (indoor, outdoor, urban, whatever) and post about it. If you don't have a garden, you can use something that was gifted to you, but the giver must have personally grown the item. Posts due on October 30th and the round-up will be posted on November 1. Check out the full details here.

NOW UNTIL OCTOBER 1st - TRGWT #6. African Vanielje at Vanielje Kitchen is hosting this month's molecular gastronomy event TGRWT #6 (They Go Really Well Together). The event is not as difficult as it sounds and no molecular science degrees are required. It is based on the premise that certain foods which may share certain molecular similarities, should go really well together. This month the challenge is to pair apple & lavender. To participate people, check out all the details right here.

NOW UNTIL OCTOBER 7th - BRITISH FOOD FORTNIGHT. Celebrate the best of British by cooking a traditional British dish with British ingredients, or a British dish with your local ingredients. This is the first food blogging event hosted by Hippolyra at Fuss Free Flavours, full details to be found here.

NOW UNTIL OCTOBER 8th - YES, OF COURSE YOU CAN PAIR GARLIC WITH THAT! This new, one-time event is being hosted by the lovely Danielle at Habeas Brulee. I’ve never tried garlic with peaches, but I bet I could make a pretty good barbecue sauce with the two of them together, at least. The Greeks haven’t thought up every delicious food combination that can possibly exist. That’s the joy of food blogging - we can experiment and discover wild new creations, and sometimes they are great successes! To participate in Yes, Of Course You Can Pair Garlic With That!, all you have to do is cook a dish that pairs garlic with something it’s not usually paired with. I have a really strong preference for seeing garlic/hazelnut dishes, but any unusual garlic pairing is fair game. Have fun with this! Complete details can be found here.

NOW UNTIL OCTOBER 15th - Think Pink for Pinktober. Hosted by Minko of Couture Cupcakes. To coincide with Pink Ribbon Day in Australia on October 22, I am inviting people to make a pink dish and post it (or email me photo, recipe and story) by 15 October. To enter, you must make a dish that is either pink or uses a pink ingredient (I will accept red) e.g., guava, pink grapefruit, etc. Your post must include the recipe. Optional - a story of how breast cancer has affected you or why supporting breast cancer research is important to you. Post it on your blog by 15 October. Once you have posted your entry, email me at minhnieme@gmail.com with the following details: Your Name, Your Blog, Title of post/recipe, URL to post, photo. I will do a round up of all entries on 16 October. You will then be able to vote for your favourite entry (will be a poll). The 3 most popular entries will be announced on Pink Ribbon Day on 22 October. Complete details can be found here.

NOW UNTIL OCTOBER 16TH: MEATLOAF APPRECIATION DAY Meatloaf: You can make it from a classic pork-veal-beef mixture or with lean ground turkey. You can flavor-boost it with a packaged soup mix or deck it out with fresh herbs, dried fruits, and exotic meats. Meatloaf lends itself to improvisation while being comforting, and unites tradition and innovation. Maybe your recipe is your grandmother's or maybe you make it up as you go along. It ain't always pretty, but it's just the thing for satisfying your soul, true sweater-weather food, and a home-cooked standard. Serious Eats has declared Thursday, October 18 "National Meatloaf Appreciation Day" and are creating a food event to capture the festivities. What does this mean for you? BETWEEN NOW AND OCTOBER 16TH, PREPARE A MEATLOAF. You can use an existing recipe as written or come up with your own, make it a fancy foie gras–studded affair or stick to the basics. TAKE A PICTURE OF YOUR DISH and write about how you made it, the details of its deliciousness and how you felt through your meatloaf-making process. IF YOU HAVE A BLOG, POST YOUR MEATLOAF EXPERIENCE as an entry by October 16, with "National Meatloaf Day" in the title. Please send an email to jenn@seriouseats.com with the following details: Your name, blog URL, URL of your National Meatloaf Day post, and a picture for your entry in the roundup. IF YOU DON'T HAVE A BLOG, CAPTURE YOUR MEATLOAF EXPERIENCE IN AN EMAIL, including your name, location, recipe, and meatloaf photo and send to jenn@seriouseats.com. READ THE ROUNDUP ON SERIOUS EATS ON OCTOBER 18. Participants at Serious Eats will include Ed Levine and Adam Kuban. You have plenty of time, so join us on National Meatloaf Appreciation Day to celebrate the great variety and limitless potential of this humble main course!

NOW UNTIL OCTOBER 17th - WORLD BREAD DAY. Last year's World Bread Day was such a great and successful event. Thanks to all the participants, we presented a huge basket of bread filled with breads from 6 continents! So let's bake and talk about bread on this day again! You are cordially invited to participate. Complete details can be found here.

NOW UNTIL OCTOBER 20th - SHOW US YOUR SARNIE. This October food event is being hosted by Marie of A Year At Oak Cottage. This is a first time food blogging event hosted by myself in which I have challenged food bloggers to make their absolutely favourite and most creative sandwiches and then write a post about them, including the pictures and recipes. I have three prizes on offer. The date to have the entries in by is Midnight on October 20th, 2007, with the roundup being posted on October 21st (hopefully, fingers crossed) and then I will open it up to voting for the readers favourites until October 30th with the three top winners being announced on the 31st. Complete details can be found here.

OCTOBER 15th to OCTOBER 25th. The goal is to highlight issue of Sustainable Seafood Choices during the month of October, National Seafood Month. Here are the rules: Subject line: "Teach a Man to Fish." Entries should include blogger's Name, Country, blog URL, link to post and 100x100 pixel photo of dish. Give a man a fish and you have fed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you have fed him for a lifetime. Teach a cook to choose sustainable seafood choices... Well, you get the point. October is National Seafood Month. We're turning it into Sustainable Seafood Month. Submit your recipe using a sustainable seafood choice. Throughout the month, I'll be posting tips and news from my friends at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program. Chefs like Barton Seaver of Hook in D.C., a leader in sustainable seafood movement are joining in and sharing their recipes, so grab your parchment, your bouillabaisse pot, your grill. Tell us what you're learning about sustainable seafood choices, what it means to you and most important: share your dish. Submit recipes to http://leatherdistrictgourmet.blogspot.com/.

NOW UNTIL OCTOBER 20th - CLICK. A new, theme-based event dedicated to food photography. The theme for October 2007 is 'Eggs.' For details, go here.

NOW UNTIL OCTOBER 25th - BLOG PARTY #27. This month, your hostess is scaring up a delivishly good time with a Halloween-themed fete. Want to join in the fun? Check out all the details right here.

NOW UNTIL OCTOBER 26th - RETRO RECIPE CHALLENGE # 9: The Candyman. Cook up a sugar-soaked retro recipe (candy or desserts), circa 1980 or earlier. Full details at http://culinarycuriosity.blogspot.com/2007/09/who-can-take-sunrise.html.

NOW UNTIL OCTOBER 31st - LEFTOVER TUESDAYS #9. Project Foodie is hosting Leftover Tuesdays where you are challenged to convert your leftovers into new and exciting dishes. The leftovers can be the remnants of a previous meal (either home cooked or bought) but they can also be the unused portions of the various components you've used to create recent (or not so recent) meals. Basically, leftovers are anything in your fridge, pantry or freezer for which you have no intended purpose and need/want to use up! Get all the details here.

NOW UNTIL NOVEMBER 1 - TGRWT #7. This month's challenge is to create a recipe that combines caramelized cauliflower and cocoa. The event is being hosted by Flavor Alchemy. They Go Really Well Together (TGRWT) is a food blogging event where you create a recipe that pairs two ingredients that are not usually seen together. Caramelized cauliflower and cocoa share several chemical compounds and theory predicts there should be great recipes with the pair. The challenge is finding one.

NOW UNTIL NOVEMBER 10th - APPLES & THYME. The event is a celebration of time spent in the kitchen with our mothers and grandmothers (or anyone else you wish to blog about) and what they did or did not pass on to us that influenced how we cook and eat today. We would love you to enter and share with us a person and a dish that celebrates your relationship with them. The closing date is 10th November, with the roundup being posted on 15th November, the first annual Apples & Thyme Day. Complete details can be found here.

NEW!!! NOW UNTIL NOVEMBER 20th - CLICK. A new, theme-based event dedicated to food photography. The theme for November 2007 is 'Noodles.' For details, go here.

NOW UNTIL NOVEMBER 25th - BLOG OR BUST #3. We all love fall food: pumpkin, apples, squash, with its comfy spices (nutmeg, cinnamon) and warm-up your heart feel. So, Blog or Bust this time asks for you to create a "Fall" dish - pumpkin pie, chili, gratin, soup, the possibilities are almost endless. Something comfortable, something cozy, something hearty. Something that screams "Come on, holidays, do your worst!" We need to prepare ourselves for winter, people, and the best way to do that is to fill our bellies with something delicious, nourishing, and homey. We don't, however, want to feel like stuffed turkeys, so keep things healthy. Complete details can be found here.

NOW UNTIL DECEMBER 1st - A SPOONFUL OF CHRISTMAS, dedicated to Food Gift Ideas. A Spoonful of Christmas is an event designed for all the people who love to cook for their loved ones; those who are willing to spend some time in the kitchen in order to come up with great ideas for food as a gift. In order to participate, please post an entry with a recipe for food that can be wrapped and given away as a gift - such as Chutneys, pickles and other relishes; Jams and marmalades, Home-made wines or liquors; Flavored vinegars or oils; Herb and spice mixtures; Chili sauces and other condiments; Curry powders or masalas … and many more. Complete details can be found here.



Blogger Mansi Desai said...

I'm hosting one too AFAM-Peaches. Could you add it to your list please?

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